Kayak Tours

Osprey Paddle

Osprey fishing is an exhilarating spectacle to witness in the natural world, the chance increases if the population of osprey is high, that’s why you need to come to Westport. As they soar through the sky, scanning the water below for their next meal, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. When they spot a fish, they plunge into the water with incredible speed and precision, emerging triumphantly with their catch held firmly in their grasp. Witnessing ospreys engage in this thrilling display of hunting prowess is sure to leave you spellbound! (Please remember that nature is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that you will see osprey or witness them hunting for fish, just embrace the uncertainty, you might just be the lucky one.) 

Westport River Paddle

The Westport River in Massachusetts is a prime destination for kayaking enthusiasts due to its diverse and picturesque landscape. Paddlers can explore the river and sea – the East and West branches, Let and Harbor. 

Get ready to be blown away by the stunning beauty of the salt marshes, seascapes, great birding, islands and beaches. 

Slocum River Paddle

The Slocum River, in South Dartmouth is a peaceful tidal estuary that offers beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, quality birding, with several islands and beaches for picnicking & exploration. It provides a peaceful setting for individuals looking to connect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Sunset Paddle

The gentle rhythm of paddling, the soothing sounds of nature, and the beautiful setting sun all work together to melt away any tension or worries that have been weighing us down. Enjoy the present moment, leaving behind any stressful thoughts or distractions. 

Moonlight Paddle

Paddling when the full moon appears on the horizon is an exhilarating and enchanting experience that is not be misses. This guided tour not only offers breathtaking views but also allows for a unique opportunity to truly relax and become on with nature. Imagine yourself paddling along the tranquil waters under the illuminated glow of the moon, the beauty of the night, the sound of the splashes of your paddle against the water, the moment is magical, the experience is unforgettable. 

Fall Foliage Paddle

With the vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold painting the landscape, gliding through the calm waters surrounded by the autumn beauty, the fallen leaves only add more to this memorable experience. Knowing that we will have the pleasure of encountering magnificent wildlife like great blue herons, majestic red tailed hawks, and the variety of ducks while paddling.